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Abundance Set

Abundance Set

SKU: SET0009

6" x 9 " Intuitively Hand-Chosen Abundance set.



Intuitively Hand-Chosen Abundance set.

🪶 Herbs 🪶 Tailsmansl🪶 Stones 🪶



Energetic Benefits: Connects to Sustenance and Resources + Opens Heart to Destiny + Compassion + Clears Mental Money Blocks + Brings Abundance


Our sets are hand-selected and include candles, candle dressing herbs, pine smudge, abundance salts, an abalone shell to represent a container for abundance to enter your life, a stone set, and the green man talisman for spirit, luck, and abundance.


Sacred Herbs Plants have been for centuries in clearing and smoke rituals. Journey into Sacred Ritual, Prayer, and Ceremony with the art of Smudging, and Herbal Candle Dressing. It is an experience that embodies, meditative transformational power, and wisdom from many earth-based traditions and plants. Herbal practices are a divine way to inspire your spiritual work. 🌟


Pine Smudge: This is perfect for anyone looking to experience the healing properties of this sacred herb. Pine offers prosperity and good health. Use this herb of wisdom to uplift your spirit and encourage positive thinking, bless a new home, Journey, or creative project.


Candle Dressing Herbs: Patchouli - Prosperity, Passion, Fertility, and Luck. Plantain - Clear Boundaries, Truth, Cord Cutting, Protection, Family/Inherited Wealth. Wild Rose - Spiritual Calming, Admiration, Love, Sustenance. Catnip - Friendship, Attraction, Tranquility,

Abundance, Kinship.


Abalone Shell: These gorgeous opalescent seashells are perfect to use for burning smudge

and to catch the ash. The shell is a profound source of nourishment, love, and commitment to

healing. It carries is inexhaustible and a container of sustenance for yourself and others.

We all deserve to live in a space to experience renewal and abundance!🌊


A stone set: Emerald - Brings Strength of Heart, and Beauty, Pyrite - Abundance,

Wealth, Prosperity, luck, and Citrine - Motivates Passion, Brings Abundance.


🦅 Let the herbs heal, and Your Mind Clear 🦅



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