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Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles

SKU: SET0005
PriceFrom $6.50

7" x 5". 3 oz Ritual Candles

Quantity 6 candles in each set.


Set 1 Love, Self Care, Kinship.


Set 2 Creativity, Passion, Play.


Set 3 Angel and Guides.


Set 4 Ritual Candle Set:  The ritual candle set is an excellent way to help manifest your dreams and intentions. The sanctifying light of these candles will create a unique space for you to focus on your goals, while their spiritual medicine will fill your heart with joy. Use ritual candles to heal yourself and others, or simply enjoy their presence. This set comes with everything you need to get started, including instructions on creating a sanctuary space that is perfect for your needs.


INCLUDES: White Candle: Blessings, Healing, Spiritual-Connection, CeremonyHerbal


Mixture:Patchouli- Abundance, Appreciation, GroundingPlantain- Truth, Endurance, Protection, Cord-Cutting, Releasing ContractsHops- Prosperity, Celebration, Inner-peace Rose- Admiration, Love, Calm


Stones:Citrine- Motivation, Passion, Abundance Rose Quartz- Love, Empathy, Heart-Healing Blue Calcite- Dreams, Emotional-Balance, Inner-Child-Healing Lepidolite- Release, Activation, Transformation Selenite- Cleanses and Purifies All Spiritual Tools


Please make sure to burn all candles in a fireproof container away from all other objects and never leave the candle unattended. 

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