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Moon Magic

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Full Moon in each Zodiac

Learning to connect to the cycles of the Moon as it moves through the zodiac provides a greater connection to the self and the universe at large. By aligning ourselves with these cycles, we can create a powerful and transformative journey. As we take stock of the Moon's movement through the zodiac, allowing its alignment to offer us direction in times of need, we open ourselves up to an immense sense of connection—connecting to ourselves, our desired path, and connecting with something much bigger than ourselves.

By learning how to fully connect with the cycle of the Full Moon as it enters different zodiacs, we can gain meaningful insight into our current lives and understand the possibilities ahead. The energies and guidance held within this universal alignment are invaluable when looking for answers that relate directly to both our inner and outer worlds.


Full Moon Magic

The full Moon is a sacred time to connect with our dreaming potential and the opportunity each month to allow ourselves to access the deep stillness within. It is an opening for reflection, an invitation from the universe to explore who, what, and where we are in relation to our power and the vibration of our energy – manifesting the life we so desire.

Dancing and surrendering to the full Moon's energy can be a powerful practice to help us reconnect with our inner shadows and see what needs to be healed. Through surrendering and releasing all that no longer serves us, we open ourselves up to healing our fears, anxieties, and insecurities. This is an opportunity for deep transformation as we enter into a more peaceful and harmonious relationship with ourselves. Letting go of old habits and beliefs and allowing love to lead the way …


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