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Crystal Deva Cards

Crystal Deva Cards


Long ago, our lives were full of confidence and free of fear. We trusted in our power to create happiness and abundance. But something happened. Over the Millennia, we forgot our sacred birthright of self-empowerment-and hope faded from our lives.


In an ancient pact, the Crystal Devas, Guardians of the Mineral Kingdom, pledged their support to Humankind. As the New Millennium approaches, these gentle spirits feel our distress and loneliness in today's turbulent times. Now, the Crystal Devas speak... to help us remember how to reclaim our power and transform our lives.


New Information From The Mineral Kingdom 

To help us heal ourselves, the stones share their unique crystalline perspective on human existence. They reveal-at this critical turning point in our unfolding-new, evolving facets of their own purpose and ours. The extraordinary guidance of the Crystal Devas helps us rediscover our unlimited potential for happiness, prosperity, and harmony.



Each message from the Crystal Devas lovingly inspires us to take back control of our lives by releasing out-dated belieft systems, emotional entrapments, and fear.


Seven Easy-To-Use Tools for Self-Discovery

Illustrations and brief instructions quickly guide you through each method:

Daily Guidance - Inspiration to carry with you throughout the day.

Chakra Tuning - To uncover and balance critical life issues

Five Spreads - Each with a specific evolutionary purpose: Healing, Introspection, Transformation, Higher Consciousness, Tolerance.

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