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Medicine Wheel Kits

Medicine Wheel Kits

SKU: WHE0001

4" x 3" 3.6oz Cloth Bag with 9 Tumbledstones.


Medicine wheel Detailed Description


These stones were hand-picked to create a wheel of 9 stones that will hold a strong space for your mesa or altar. A beautiful silk bag is included with each set of Medicine Wheel Stones. This picture is a representative sample. Each wheel is unique and includes stones that represent each of the 8 directions, plus the center. Each set includes 1 stone from each direction. currently out of the silk bags so they are prepared and in a Tibetan cotton pouch.


South- Rose Quartz, SouthWest- Chryscolla or Turquoise, West- Obsidian, Black Agate or Black Tourmaline, NorthWest- Sodalite, Tigereye, Fire Agate or Hematite, North- Clear Quartz NorthEast- Green Adventurine- Malachite or Chrysoprase, East- Honey Calcite or Citrine, SouthEast- Carnelian, Center- Amethyst or Fluorite.

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