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Mystery - Angels and Guides Smudge Set

Mystery - Angels and Guides Smudge Set

SKU: SET0010

6" x 9 " Intuitively hand chosen smudge set. Each set is unique. If you have a request of a intention or something you are healing feel free to let us know,and we will hold that in mind as we create your set.

🪶 Fans 🪶 Smudge Herbs 🪶 Abalone Shells🪶 Stones

Energetic Benefits: Balances All Chakras + Opens Heart to Destiny + Compassion + Clears Mental Fatigue + Brings Peace of Mind

Our sets may Vary in creation but will usually include these three sacred ingredients necessary to complete the set. Sets include herbs, resins or incense, a shell, burner or container for burning, and the feather or fan for directing the energy and smoke.

Sacred Herbs Plants and Resins: Herbs have been for centuries in clearing and smoke rituals seen in the Middle East, Far East, South American, European, and North American cultures. Journey With Herbs & Animal Teachers Into Sacred Ritual, Prayer, and Ceremony

Practice the art of smudging, experience its transformational power, and embody the wisdom it brings from many Earth-based traditions. Smudging is a vital way to complete sacred work. 🌟

The Fans: Our fans have been created specifically for smudging and healing work. Just as a bird in flight moves through the air, a fan used in a particular way moves energy. Generally, you hold the fan, so the feathers are positioned just as if the bird was in flight. This shows respect for the bird's giveaway and allows the greatest utilization of its natural gifts. Birds have always inspired our imagination. Birds remind us of grace, aspiration, and beauty. Imagine leaping from a treetop and soaring with the wind spirits. It's the best way to get back into the flight of things and soar. 🪶

Abalone Shell: These gorgeous opalescent seashells are perfect to use for burning smudge. Many carry the shell as a symbol of a medicine basket for its ability to contain as a sacred vessel. The shell is a profound source of nourishment, love, and commitment to healing. It carries is inexhaustible and a container of sustenance for yourself and others.

We all deserve to live in a space to experience renewal!🌊

🦅 Let the herbs heal, and Your Mind Clear 🦅

Blessings, Sweet Medicine Shop

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