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Necklace - Crystal Point

Necklace - Crystal Point


Introducing Copper Seed Points: Jewelry pieces are crafted to bring harmony and well-being into your life. Utilizing the natural healing abilities of copper and seed crystals, our Seed Points are infused with spiritual energy, lending you extra strength in your endeavors. 


Seed crystals are used to plant our seed intention, keep it close and support us in manifesting and nurturing the seeds of our desires to complete manifestation. These Points are from The Congo carrying the energy. Clear quartz: A powerful healing crystal. Amplifies the power and cleanses the properties of other crystals or stones. Strengthens concentration and assists in establishing clear intentions. Improves mental focus and clarity. Cleanses the mind, body, and spirit.


Each unique seed point is individually crafted by hand with its special purpose - a reminder of the abundant power within us all. Anoint it with your intentions and let it guide you forward. Nurture optimism and love! Feel empowered! Set powerful intentions and move towards them as if guided by fate. Believe that change is possible, and strengthen your faith when trials arise. Invite joy into your life, one harmony-filled moment at a time. 


Choose Copper Seed Points as your talisman for growth, manifestation, and transformation. Join us in bringing good vibes to the world - together, we can make lasting peace in the new normal.


Hand crafted with love. 


Copper Seed Points: Electroformed Crystal point from the Congo with a Copper 24” 3mm rolo chain.  Weight .6 oz

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