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Protection Bundle - Hokksheideh Bundles

Protection Bundle - Hokksheideh Bundles

SKU: SMD0012

1/4" Cloth Bundle - One of the tiny bundles are placed in a leather neck pouch or locket and worn around the neck generally somewhere between the throat and the heart. Each bundle includes items such as a corn kernel, bee pollen, banishing, cutaway, Herkimer diamond, turquoise, coral bean, and more.

We call it a protection, earth, or a hokkshideh (higher self) bundle. It helps you connect to your higher self, align with the elements, and walk in greater balance. Created to keep one grounded, these bundles form a dome of protection around one's energy field. They are activated in a Blessing and Awakening ceremony. approx size: 1/2" x 1/2" (1 cm x 1 cm), they are tiny and fit in all of our bundle keepers.

This purchase does not include the locket.

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