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Smudge Set

Smudge Set

SKU: SET0007

5" x 6" set. Small Abalone, 1 Sage Wand, 1 Palo Santo, and a Selenite Healing Wand.



Journey With Herbs & Animal Teachers Into Sacred Ritual, Prayer, and Ceremony Practice the art of smudging. Sacred Herbs Plants and Resins: Herbs have been for centuries in clearing and smoke rituals seen in the Middle East, Far East, South American, European and North American cultures.  Experience its transformational power, and embody the wisdom it brings from many Earth-based traditions. Smudging is a vital way to complete sacred work. 


Abalone Shell: These gorgeous opalescent seashells are perfect to use for burning smudge. Many carry the shell as a symbol of a medicine basket for its ability to contain as a sacred vessel. The shell is a profound source of nourishment, love, and commitment to healing. It carries is inexhaustible and a container of sustenance for yourself and others.


Selenite: Radiate a powerful vibration that cleanses the environment of lower energies. Cleanses and purifies the home or surroundings. Dispels negative energies and provides a protective barrier. Its vibrations provide peace, mental clarity, and spiritual connection.


Palo Santo: Bring in visions, insight, renewal, and gratitude as you ground into the present moment, clear the mind and create a sense of peace. This stick is perfect for cleansing, sealing, uplifting your space, and connecting with your spiritual side.


Sage: Clarity, Purpose, Sage: Clarity, Purpose, Release, Renewal.purpose, Release, Renewal.

The leaf is burned and the smoke cleanses and banishes energies from a space.  

Farmed and cut sustainably.


We all deserve to live in a space to experience renewal!





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