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Wild Crafted Sage

Wild Crafted Sage

PriceFrom $15.50

4oz Sage

1 Lb Sage


Sage: Clarity, Purpose, Release, Renewal.
The leaf is burned, and the smoke cleanses and banishes energies from a space.
Farmed and cut sustainably.

Sage is a scent and plant that holds a special place in my heart as it is one of my favorite childhood scents. If I could smell sage, I was likely changing the water in the fields, taking a nap on my dad's shoulder on the tractor after hours of some of the best conversations, or simply running and being wild and free as a child. Farming in the foothills of Utah's mountains was an incredible and beautiful journey. I'll always cherish the experience.

Now sage is a staple in my spiritual practice and is a powerful anchor to returning my spirit to the sacred moments in nature. 🙏

Do you use sage? What does it remind you of?

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