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Brandie Sage Birdsall 

My Self Expressed

When I was a child I would paint, write, and draw in every moment of free time I had. I would paint with my grandma who was a Bob Ross fan.  I can say I have countless hours under my belt in landscapes.  Although happy little trees are nice there was only so many I could paint, abstract became my love. Art became my way of releasing, finding freedom and expressing deep emotion. I became a massage therapist and holistic healer when I was 17. I co-own a successful wellness business Without art as a medium I would say that my healing journey and many others would be incomplete without it. 


Become the sage Is my second Baby. It had been a life long dream to work with art as the forefront of what I do in the healing process instead of a personal passion.  In 2019 Becomethesage was created blending my 2 loves art and healing. includes teachings and workshops that have been developed over the last 20 years of experience in the healing field.  I know no greater way to move energy than to use color and creative expression with intentional clearing. My goal is to share my workshops and teach other facilitators.


My process of creativity includes nature, creative expression, self Inquiry and sharing my power story in community. I believe as we clear what is no longer serving us and we learn to express ourselves, we awaken into more deep and meaningful exchanges in life. To create, is to know who you are at the deepest level, to let go is to live without fear. 


Something not many people know about me is I create make and work with my own medicine items including, the herbs, oils, and animals medicine we use in our personal life and in our businesses. I do this to ensure the quality, ethical and environmental impact. 

Woman Alone in Forest


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