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SAGE & Incense

The sweet aroma's

Welcome to the sacred journey of the ancient art of aromatic incense burning. This deeply spiritual practice has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces, align energies, and create a profound sense of peace within oneself. It is a beautiful way to elevate the spirit towards a higher state of being.


Sage & incense sticks

Feel connected to the soothing aromas released as you burn these precious smudge and incense sticks. This is a simple way to bring calmness throughout your home as it radiates uplifting energy around your space, helping you to clear and reconnect with your inner nature. Our products are ethically sourced from sustainable and trusted suppliers.

Loose herbs & resins

Please introduce yourself to spiritual serenity and elevate your senses with our exclusive collection of loose herbs and resins for smudging and aromatic incense burning. Our variety of herbs and resins allows you to play and experiment with individual herb combinations or, immerse yourself in the magic of our crafted in-house blends.

Botanical Incense powders

Dive into ancient art and unlock the hidden secrets of spirituality with our hand-crafted botanical incense powders. We guarantee that our selection will give you the best results! Our products are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers we only use raw plant ingredients so that your experience is full of genuine aromas.