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Dream Pillow Bundles

Dream Pillow Bundles

SKU: DTM0003
8 mixed 1g Herb (hops, cascara sagrada, lemmon grass, peppermint, spearmint, cat nip, rose hips) blessing bundle with Cloth Bag. Dream Pillow Kit.Dream kitIn today's world, it can be challenging to get a good night’s rest and maintain a daytime lifestyle that adds to you living your dream life. The practice of placing herbs on sachets under one’s pillow dates back centuries and was originally thought to bring good dreams, calm bad dreams, obtain intuitive symbols and insights, or even conjure lucid and vivid dreams. Dream pillows are an easy way to create peaceful sleep, connect through self-care and encourage dreaming. These pillows are simple to prepare, use alongside other ceremonies, and share with friends or family. The first step is to create your intention and choose herbs from the lists below that to stand out to you or match your intention.  Then craft your own dream blend with the fragrant herbs that you find anchor your intention, bring a calming, or relaxing feeling. Be sure to write your blend down so you’ll be able to make it again! Combine all herbs for your dream pillow and put them in the sachet and then the dream pillow. Now all you need to do is intend, sleep, dream, and wake up refreshed. Dream Pillow Kit #1.  This is 1 of 3 bundles, however the recipe for each of the other 2 bundles is also included with this kit. This contains the herbs to make one or more dream pillows a sachet for the herbs and dream pillow in the rainbow chakra colors for chakra balancing. These and any of our dream pillow ceremony herbs are not intended to be used for medical, oral, use and the information is not intended for medical advice or treatment. Herbs Include:Hops: Hops aids one in challenges associated with insomnia and restlessness. Brings spiritual prosperity and good luck. Sprinkle hops in the home for prosperity and health to the physical energy of the home and body. When added to sachets and sleeping mixtures it is known for physical healing. It supports the spiritual body in relaxing and transcending the past. Cascara Sagrada: Sacred Bark sprinkle around your home for protection and strong boundaries. Use it with other dreaming herbs under your pillow before you sleep for action and empowerment. Cascara can help release blockages, in the process of letting go and move forward. Lemongrass: Lemongrass has been used for its intentional properties including clarity, communication, and intuition. As well as it provides protection and support with challenging emotions and nightmares in the sleep states. Use under your pillow for more restful sleep and light-hearted dreams. Peppermint: Peppermint is a magical herb that can be used for dreams, healing, travel, and love. It has strong benefits of etheric insights into the environment, subconscious patterning, or challenging emotions that need to be cleared. It brings relaxation and healing. Work with peppermint during the day for insight and refreshing mental clarity and at night for relaxation and at night for relaxation and dreaming.Spearmint: Use Spearmint in all healing dreaming spells and rituals, adding charm and bringing your dreams to the surface. Spearmint can also be used in sachets under your pillow for lucid intentional dreaming while you sleep. Use it in charm bags to carry with you to inhale to increase mental powers to awaken and live your dream rather than stay in a daydream. Catnip: Catnip has a long history of use as a healing herb to relieve stress aid in calming dreams. The magickal properties of catnip happiness, friendship, beauty and are often used with other herbs for dreaming and sleep sachets. It also goes very well with rose or rosehips. For daytime, celebration add a combo or sprinkle these 2 beauties around the home or in the bath. Also if you have a cat share a bit of this magical herb with your furry friend. Rosehips: Rosehips symbolize love, friendship, beauty, self-love, and peace. It is used for love and self-love intentions while dispelling or calming the opposite. Rosehips are most commonly, used for dreams, divination, family, and for the home in ritual baths, sachets, or anointing, and its ability to blend well with other herbs.
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