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Jet Zuni Carved Coyotes

Jet Zuni Carved Coyotes

SKU: STN0003

1.8oz 3"x1" Hand Carves Zuni Certification Coyotes animal Fetish.

Jet: Provides protection and dispels fear.  Stabilizes emotions and heals mental wounds. It calms, stabilizes, heals, and grounds the user during times of stress. It is a protector stone known as a travellers' amulet and aids one on long journeys.

Coyote: Represents the great trickster or teacher. Teaches one to see the humor in life or circumstance. Promotes laughter, play, and not to take life so seriously. May also represent a wake-up call for those who continue to fail to learn from mistakes. Encourages oneself to stop self-sabotaging behavior.

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