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Gemstone Intentions Box set

Gemstone Intentions Box set

PriceFrom $18.89

How would you like to have a delivery full of surprise items?


Our team will carefully select items for you! We want to ensure that each order includes at least twice the value of what's in it, which means there'll be more than just crystals. We've got everything covered when it comes down to choosing the right combination for you.


The crystals will be hand chosen to reflect your intentions. We've got everything, whether you want wealth, strength, love, or luck! These stones are intuitive hand-chosen, so they will work for YOU specifically--not just "help" but also bring out the best in who YOU ARE and what's inside your soul.


ach order will contain at least twice the value, and we're guaranteed not just any old stones. These hand-selected crystals will reflect your intentions! Our Crystal Box Set includes clusters, points, and obelisks tumbled & rough rock pieces - all brought together in one beautiful package perfect as a gift idea or an addition to yourself.


Let us support your goals today.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Manifest
$18.89every month for 12 months
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