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Full Moon Tea

Full Moon Tea



Full Moon Tea


Full Moon Tea is the perfect companion for your spiritual journey.  In days gone by, alchemists crafted special rituals to bring healing and self-empowerment energy.  Our Full Moon Tea offers a modern interpretation of these ancient traditions — an invitation to practice mindfulness and create intentional moments for ourselves in our fast-paced lives.

Full Moon Tea is a unique blend featuring spicy, sweet, and balmy flavors carefully selected to honor life-enhancing purposes.  When you make this ritualistic concoction part of your life, you are creating the opportunity to fully embark on a journey that will renew your strength and set intentions for your dreams.

The tea generates an atmosphere filled with love and peace, allowing you to solace in its richness and clarity.  Traditional ingredients like Tulsi leaf and holy basil are embraced by body-loving herbs such as Lavender, Chrysanthemum, and Peppermint, creating a unique herbal synergy of tasteful renewal and heart-opening vibes.  As you relax with each sip of flavorful delight, surrender yourself to its centuries-long wisdom — the window into this sacred moment awaits on the other side of each glass. 

Whether taken alone or shared with those around us, become connected within with Full Moon Tea!


Full Moon Tea radiates feminine healing properties that uplift and regenerates the spirit.  Strengthens virtues such as patience, empathy, and wisdom.  Full moon tea connects to the moon cycles to provide anchor points for reflection, relaxation, and manifestation.


Ritual Full Moon Tea




Peppermint - Dreams, Healing, Travel, Relaxation

Spearmint - Memory, Vitality, Well-being

Chrysanthemum - Love, Empathy, Healing, Self Care

Marigold: Fortitude, Brightens, Dreams

Lavender - Beauty, Blessings, Dreams


These are designed for ceremonial intentions, not to treat or cure any disease.


This tea is excellent on the Full Moon as a self-care ritual, at bedtime for relaxation, and may also be a great addition to any long or stressful day relaxing your energy and uplift your day.


Add 1 Tlb to 10 oz hot water and steep for 3 minutes.

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Are an excellent way to help manifest your dreams and set intentions.  The tea ritual's simplicity can clear you while drinking its potent spiritual medicine, filling your heart with joy.


Dried Rose, Spearmint Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Lemongrass

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