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The Thirty Sacred Laws

The Thirty Sacred Laws

PriceFrom $50.00

11" x 9" Paperback Book Blue Manual Volumes 1,2 & 3


Volume 1:

Beginning with the first universal law, which states that energy must be expressed with efficiency through maximum effect with minimum effort, this guidebook walks you through each of the 4 Universal and 6 Cosmic Laws, providing exercises and ceremonies to awaken these natural laws in your body knowing.


Volume 2:

Because the Ten Magickal Laws are the bridge between the intent of the Universe and the Intent of Nature, they help us find the connections between the universal dream and everyday life.


Volume 3:

The Ten Ecological Balance Laws are the drivers for the 144 Natural Laws. Together, these Laws describe how Nature governs, and as such, these Laws are the human’s way of aligning with Nature. In a sense, these Laws are the instruction manual for sustaining the balance of life on Earth.

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