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New Moons of the Zodiac.

Experiencing the New Moon within each zodiac sign has a special connection to the moon's energy throughout the year. This connection gives us an opportunity to intend and manifest magic with each new moon cycle. By aligning our energy with the new moon, we can use its power to open portals of fresh beginnings and clarity of mind. We can tap into each sign's energy to manifest our heart’s deepest intentions and desires. When we can do this during a new moon, we have access to an even greater amount of energy that can aid us along our spiritual journey. Regardless of your zodiac sign, you can open yourself up to the possibilities of each new moon cycle and make them work for your highest good.

Aries New Moon

The new moon in Aries is a time of rebirth, vibrant energy, and powerful manifestation. It is a moment to honor the calling within and use these rebirth energies to your advantage. Amidst the darkness comes an awakening of something deep and powerful, inviting us to make strides toward our dreams. Take this time to rebirth yourself and turn your intentions into reality in a very tangible way with the help of this energizing new moon. Now is the time to take that step towards liberation and use the energy of rebirth from this vibrant new moon in Aries as an invitation for transformation.

Taurus New Moon

As the new moon in Taurus appears, we can focus on growth and expansion within a stable foundation. It's a time of the grounding, allowing us to create stability within uncertain times. The new moon symbolizes growth, inviting us to take steps toward our greater paths. Viewed through a spiritual lens, this phase brings clarity that can be utilized in our mindful practices and reflective activities. To honor this phase, let us approach it with intention and open ourselves up to recognition of growth opportunities that lay both within and beyond ourselves.

Gemini New Moon

When the new moon in Gemini arises, it allows us to focus on communication. When we become active listeners and express our thoughts in a way that matches our emotions, we can begin to trust in ourselves even if others do not understand. This opportunity allows us to unlock our buried potential, clarify what matters most, and forge trusting relationships with those around us. The new moon in Gemini is a powerful transition wherein we can find solace and security within the depths of our own hearts.

Cancer New Moon

A new moon in Cancer is a time to draw inward and focus on home and family. This is an opportune moment to nurture your humanity, care for yourself spiritually and invest in your home environment. Regular attention to the home allows the home to care for you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Take the chance of this new moon to practice self-care: light a candle, sit outside or give someone you love a hug. We often forget how important home is as our primary refuge - use this cosmic signpost to remind ourselves of its significance for our health, sanity, and nourishment.

Leo New Moon

Incredible energy is being stirred up in the cosmic realm with the new moon in Leo. This new moon brings an air of passion that can help you unlock hidden potential, pride, and instinct within you. As it passes through Leo, the sign of leadership and creativity, this is a fantastic time to set your goals and intentions. Reach up to the highest heights of discovery and be inspired by what your inner power can bring! Embrace this transformative power and allow yourself to manifest greatness like never before.

Virgo New Moon

The new moon in Virgo is a sign that stability and balance are upon us. It’s time to examine our home, work, and relationships to improve and stay on the path of lasting happiness. This is not the time to start grand adventures; instead, it's a period for creating grounded, balanced systems that enable us to reach our goals in the long term. Take some time today to clear away any old patterns that no longer serve you and rejuvenate your spirit with a newfound appreciation for the incredible moment: a new moon in Virgo! Smudging is a great way to clear and stabilize. Learn More by reading our blog on smudging.

Libra New Moon

The New Moon in Libra is a time to strive for balance within ourselves and our relationships with others. As followers of the stars' alignments, this is a great time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Balance is about more than what we can physically see: it also includes emotional and spiritual nourishment. During this special period, seek out opportunities to build compassion and understanding between friends, family, and partners, as well as loving attention to ourselves. Take the time now while the New Moon in Libra shines its blessing on us to reflect on our inner harmony and embrace any positive changes that come with building trust in relationships.

Scorpio New Moon

The New Moon in Scorpio brings a compelling force, stirring deep emotions and encouraging us to trust our inner selves. This is a time when we are invited to dive into the depths of our soul, engaging in acts of vulnerability but with brave power and strength. Our intuition is heightened, and we can use this potent energy to access newfound riches within ourselves as our relationships, career, and spiritual path open up, and realignment starts to take place. It is an intimately beautiful time with the potential for immense and profound inner personal growth.

Sagittarius New Moon

The new moon in Sagittarius brings about an energy of spiritual connection and curiosity. This is a beautiful time to tap into your imagination and truly explore what holds meaning for you. Sagittarius invites us to shed any limitations we have placed on ourselves and guides us with our energetic passion, which can be transformative if nurtured and embraced. So why not make the most of this particular time and open yourself up to exploring possibilities of Spirituality and uncovering mystery while being curious, expansive, and creative?

Capricorn New Moon

When a new moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn, our inner potential is heightened, and we become aligned with practicality, persistence, and focused energy. This is a time for looking inward for strength and solace, reconnecting with our nurturing side. It's an opportunity to become the generators of energy that propel us towards our goals with unwavering energy. With patience, introspection, and resilience, this new moon can push us to unprecedented heights that speak of greater emotional security. Let it infuse your spirit with the potential to create something unique within you.

Aquarius New Moon

A new moon in Aquarius marks a time of dreaming and renewal. It encourages us to focus our energy on setting intentions for the future, stimulating our imagination, and unlocking creativity. This is an auspicious time to recalibrate our dreams and work towards what we truly desire. Through the power of Aquarius' visionary energy, we explore and embrace innovative ideas that can help guide us on our path forward. Unleash your enthusiasm and enjoy this moment of fresh beginnings!

Pisces New Moon

As we welcome the Pisces new moon, a powerful illumination of dreaming and insight is available. This energy can renew our connection to the spiritual world and open us to a deeper awareness of our sacred energy. It invites us to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend some time dreaming with purpose. Let's seize this opportunity for reflection and be intentional about what areas in our lives need more vitality so that we can explore how this new moon can help bring that into our reality.

Moon Journeys

Working with New Moons is like setting out on a unique journey – it begins with the intention to intend, manifest and welcome in some magic. The energy of this phase provides the perfect backdrop to get clarity, re-awaken dormant dreams and plant the seeds needed for growth and transformation. Take the time to pause, reflect, intuit, and connect with what you desire. Each Moon cycle has its energies that will support your journey of manifestation, so take advantage of this sacred time each month as an opportunity to create positive change.



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