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Top 5 Crystals for a Calming Meditation

Bring nature's wisdom into modern life.

Do you want to find peace, happiness, and healing? You can do that by meditating with crystals! Meditating with crystals is a great way to relax and heal your body. It is a practice that can help with stress relief and overall wellness. Meditation helps ground you, center your mind, and focus on positive thoughts. It is a great way to clear your mind and focus on the present moment. And when combined with crystal therapy, it becomes even more powerful.

This blog post will teach you how to use your favorite crystals for Meditation, the benefits of meditating with crystals, and the type of crystals best for beginning a meditation practice. This blog post will hopefully help get you started on your journey into the world of healing!

The benefits of building a meditation practice are:

• Meditation helps you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

• Meditation improves your sleep quality.

• Meditation boosts your creativity!

• Meditation can help to promote happiness, inner peace, and relaxation.

• Helps you to destress and find peace

• Promotes empathy and compassion, while improving mood and relationships

• Improves feelings of well-being and compassion

I'm sure you've heard about the many additional benefits of Meditation. I want to share how I found a way to make it easier and more fun! To learn more about meditation benefits and styles, stay tuned, become a member of Sweet Medicine Shop, and look for our upcoming blog posts.

Crystals have been used for centuries as conduits for energy work because they are natural conductors of vibrations from the earth. They amplify any intention or thought, so it can be very powerful when you combine them with Meditation! Not to mention they are also beautiful to look at. Nature provides its best medicine for the soul through the beauty of its minerals, structures, forms, and the wide variety of colors that crystals come in. It is easy to integrate crystals into almost any practice or daily ritual.

The chances are, you know someone who has had trouble with Meditation. A lovely friend can't quiet her mind at all in the stillness of space. Or is your mind racing in circles by yourself on a cold winter night? That's when it may be time to try something new, meditating with crystals! Meditating may seem complicated at first. Still, it just entails some initial setup, focus, and information on the best style of Meditation for you. To get the most out of your Meditation, set aside time, minimize distractions, and have a clear intention—practice different styles. If your approach isn't working, dont be afraid to try a few.

Below is a few ways that you can use crystals in your meditation practice:

Anchor your intention and set the tone for your day!

Meditate for 10 minutes, and start your day with your favorite crystal to anchor into a meditative, intentional, and affirmational state. Choose a suitable stone to match your intention. This will help improve focus and self-awareness, boost creativity, and support self-actualization. Towers, wands, spheres, and jewelry or wearable gemstones are best for anchoring affirmational qualities in your Meditation. As you breathe in, focus on the intent and repeat a mantra you can easily remember throughout the day. Simple is best; adjusting beliefs, and anchoring new habits and thoughts takes repetition, time, and quick adjustments. As you wear or place these anchor crystals back into your environment, it will be a reminder throughout your day of the intentions, goals, actions, and affirmations you choose to set.

Use crystals to promote mindfulness and reduce stress!

Practice mindfulness by carrying a palm stone, gemstone necklace, bracelet, or worry stone throughout your day. As you move through your day, become mindful of your natural breath, how you feel in the present moment, and pause to reflect. Take time to find the exhale in your breath, let go in the exhale, extend the breath, and release any tension, ruminating, or un-supportive thoughts. Inhale and connect to the breath; inhale deeply with awareness as you hold the crystal. Breathe in its affirmational healing properties, a mantra or affirmation, cultivate inner peace, and reduce your stress levels.

Promote relaxation!

Crystal energy is said to manifest tranquility and promote emotional healing. Enhance your meditation journey before bed, a relaxing bath, or promote restful sleep while holding stones in the evening or at bedtime to relax. Many people say they experience deeper relaxation when they meditate with stone crystals. Start by holding a crystal in each hand, focus on the intention and benefits of the stone or stones you have chosen, withdraw from distractions, and enter a state of deep Meditation. Hold palm stones, tumbled stones, and crystal wands to capture the mood and amplify your intentions.

Blue is one of the best colors to bring into a beginning meditation practice. Blue is a calming color that releases unwanted emotions, builds calming emotions, and supports relaxation. The color blue will make you feel calm, while the texture and shape will stimulate feelings of security and release additional fidgety energy. Think of crystals as the adult fidget spinner. I have listed my top favorite blue stones for you to use in your meditation practice.

Apatite: Stone of manifestation. Encourages motivation and drive to succeed in endeavors. Apatite is a good stone for business owners, goal-setters, promoting achievement and a sense of accomplishment. It strengthens creative potential and linear progress. Why is it a favorite of mine?

Amazonite: Stone of strength, courage, and truth. Amazonite stimulates feelings of hope and improves self-worth and emotional balance. I use Amazonite to affirm my permission to set and maintain clear boundaries. For me being in the healing field, self-care is a must, and taking the time to do so hasn't always been easy. However, it's a necessity!

Blue Quartz: Gently calms high anxiety levels by alleviating fear and enhancing mental clarity. Blue Quartz strengthens communication, self-expression, and connection with others. Connects the user to higher energies such as angels, spirit guides, and higher self. As an intuitive, listening and staying related to my gut feelings and inspirations has guided me to live my most balanced self.

Blue Calcite: A very healing stone that promotes relaxation and cleanses the user. It helps to defragment overstimulating energies. It Aids those who suffer from depression and anxiety. It will also help in healing grief and provides calming comfort. As a healer, this stone supports me in offering compassion to myself and others moving through challenging experiences.

Moonstone: Radiates healing feminine properties and regulates the body, mind, and spirit systems. Moonstone strengthens virtues such as patience, empathy, and wisdom. It assists in a healthy transition through nurturing and giving birth to dreams or physical pregnancy.

These beautiful pieces are perfect for beginners looking for an external guide, experts seeking something new, or even professionals looking to heal themselves after a long day at work. No matter who you are, these crystals will change your life- fill it with peace instead of worry and calm instead of stress.

We hope you will experience deep meditation and spiritual grounding by aligning with the earth's natural energies. Throughout history, wise individuals have used crystals for enlightenment and guidance. Learn how to incorporate crystal healing into your meditation routine with our helpful tips for grounding and cleansing energy. Try something new and share your experiences with us. Connect with your inner self in exciting ways.

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